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The Plough, Stoke Lacy

Bromyard Herefordshire. HR7 4HG.

01885 490658

Please be seated until the waiting staff show you to the carvery.


For people that need help carrying plates please ask the waiting staff or chef for help or if you would prefer, we can serve your meal to your table (please ask)


For vegetarian meals and meals other than carvery, please inform the waiting staff before going to the carvery, as these meals are cooked to order.




Tomato and basil Soup Served with bread and butter (V)                                              £5.75


Classic Prawn Cocktail (G)                                                                                              £7.50  


Home Made Breaded Brie Wedges Served with Cranberry sauce (V)                         £7.25


Tiger Prawns in Sweet Chilli & Lime (G)                                                                        £9.75


Cajun Chicken Battered Strips with Chilli Sauce                                                           £7.25


Creamy Garlic Mushrooms Fresh mushrooms cooked to perfection in a creamy wine        £7.25

and garlic sauce served with bread and butter (G) (V)                                                          


Chicken Bacon and Brie Salad (G)                                                                                   £7.95


Garlic Baguette (V)                                                                                                            £4.50


Garlic Baguette with Cheese (V)                                                                                        £5.50



Roast Topside of Beef                                 Adult £16.95  Child £10.50  Small Adult £13.50  

Roast Loin of Pork, Roast Turkey Crown  Adult £14.95  Child £8.50    Small Adult £11.50

All served with Roast Potatoes, Yorkshire Pudding, Gravy, and a Choice of Vegetables. 


Vegetarian and Cheddar Wellington with Cider Sauce (V)                                          £13.95


Fish and Chips                                                                                                                   £14.95


Steak and Ale Pie                                                                                                              £16.95


Meat Free Sunday Lunch with all the Trimmings (V)                                                     £9.95



See Dessert Board for Todays Choices



Vanilla Iced Espresso Classic Dairy Vanilla Ice Cream with a Shot of Espresso Coffee Topped with a Chocolate Flake


Classic Banana Split Whole Banana with Strawberry, Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream Topped with Fresh Whipped Cream


Banoffee Sundae Layers of Toffee Sauce and Toffee Ice Cream with Crumbled Honeycomb and Banana, Topped with Fresh Whipped Cream


Chocolate Fudge Sundae Layers of Warm Fudge Cake and Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream with Hot Chocolate Sauce, Topped with Fresh Whipped Cream


                   ICE CREAMS   £5.50 for 3 scoops

Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Mint Choc Chip, Rum and Raisin, Belgium Chocolate, Strawberry, Toffee and Raspberry Ripple


                    SORBETS   £6.50 for 3 scoops

Lemon, Blackcurrant Raspberry and Mango


       CHEESE BOARD   £10.00

Three cheeses served with Biscuits, Pickle, Grapes and Apple




                                       Americano Coffee and Decaffeinated                        £3.50 

Black coffee with optional milk or cream


Single Espresso   

                              Single shot (milk free) coffee, an intense taste                       £3.50


                                                     Hot Chocolate                                                 £3.50


                                                            Tea                                                            £3.50

   (Earl Grey, Camomile, Peppermint, Ask for our collection)


                                                    Floater Coffee                                                 £4.50

 Fresh cream floating on Americano Coffee


                                             Cappuccino Frothy coffee                                     £4.50


                                        Cafe Latte Milky and slightly mild coffee                     £4.50


                                  Moccasin Milky coffee and hot chocolate mix                   £4.50


                                                   Double Espresso                                            £4.50


                                       The Full Works Hot Chocolate                                 £6.95

Hot chocolate with marshmallows, cream, chocolate sauce and a flake


                                         Floater Coffee with Liqueur                                   £7.95

(Italian amaretto, French brandy, Calypso tia maria, Irish whisky, Russian vodka, Jamaican rum.)


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